Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Why are the snap photo and record video buttons disabled?

A1: The first time you launch Andrew's Eye, it asks for permission to access your photo library so that it can save pictures and videos. If you do not grant the permission, then the app will not be able to take pictures or record videos, so the snap photo and record video buttons will be disabled.

In order to fix the problem, launch the Settings app, then navigate to Privacy / Photos. Switch the button next to Andrew's Eye from OFF to ON. The next time you run Andrew's Eye, the photo and video buttons will be enabled.

Q2: Why is there no sound?

A2: The app is called Andrew's Eye, not Andrew's Ear!

But seriously, currently all movies you record with Andrew's Eye will be silent and contain no audio. I will likely add audio recording to the videos in an upcoming release.

Q3: Why does the app not work on my iPhone 3GS?

A3: Because I did not test it on an iPhone 3GS. The market share for the 3GS is already very small, and the app is barely fast enough on the newer iPhone 4, so I will not invest resources in 3GS testing.

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